ANTEC Mercury 360 All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler

ANTEC Mercury 360 All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler


Product Overview
Mercury M360: Engineered for Performance

Strong Torque: Sealed, Silent Pump
Powerful pump delivers a water pressure of 2.3 meters high. The pump consists of a three phase motor that promotes rapid liquid circulation, helping your CPU stay cool while being pushed to the limit.

• 2.3 Meters: Powerful Pump Delivers a Water Pressure of 2.3 Meters High.
• 3500ml: Flow Rate of 3.5 Litres per Minute.
• 0.28mm: 0.28mm Thin Liquid Filament.

High Density Radiator Fins
Mercury’s high-density, 16 FPI (fins per inch) arrangement achieves cooling performance fit for any enthusiast’s PC. The super fin heat fins are spaced at 2.8mm for cool air to pass through optimally.

• 16: 16 Fins Per Inch.
• 1.3mm: Core Channels Measure 1.3mm Thin.
• Ultra-Efficient: Ultra-Efficient Row Arrangement Passes Heat from One Side of the Radiator to the Other.

50,000 Hours Lifespan: Up to 5 Years of Operation
The Mercury series is engineered to keep your CPU cool for up to 50,000 hours. Comprised of high-quality components, the Mercury series is proven to last up to 5 years – a benchmark of quality that surpasses the standard.

• Non-Lubricated Graphite Bearings.
• Carbon Metal Construction.
• Durable Ceramic Axis.
• PTFE Teflon Coated Tubing.
• SATA Power Connection.

Temperature Reactive LED
Temperature indicating LED lights change according to CPU temperature.

• Blue: < 36 Degrees C.
• Green: 36 – 40 Degrees C.
• Red: >40 Degrees C.
• Large Pump.
• Ultra-Efficient PWM Radiator Fans.
• 2.3m High Water Pressure.
• Temperature Indicating LED.
• Graphite Bearings.
• PTFE Teflon Coated Tubing.
Product Number: 100078025
Product Code: 0-761345-10985-7

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